Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly TV Round-up

Well, once again I am up-to-date on the ol' goggle box shows that I partake of weekly...

Season 1 Episode 6: Always Buy Retail
I quite like Castle, it is one of those non-offensive cop drama shows that, despite some serious themes still maintains a modicum of humor. Nathan Fillion is perfectly cast as a writer shadowing homicide detective Kate Beckett in order to research his new book. This episode wasn't the strongest in the series thus far, but it was still quite entertaining. We follow the detectives as they try to solve what at first appears to be a ritual killing. They are soon on the trail of counterfeit handbags and illegal immigrants in their search for the murderer.

Season 2 Episode 20: Chuck Versus the First Kill
Chuck is getting a little too "involved" for me of be fair it isn't a series that held much interest for me in the first place and I was certainly aware of most of the plot points that have now eventuated, but it is still a nice little 40 minute time waster and Adam Baldwin always gives me a chuckle...

Season 2 Episode 20: The Hofstadter Isotope
My Mother is responsible for getting me hooked on The Big Bang Theory....although it was not hard to get hooked, with a completely likable cast and great references to the geek in me. There are few episodes of this show that I don't find always brings a smile to my face :)

In other TV News...
still need to watch 1x09 of Dollhouse...maybe tonight, I have also started watching I've Never Seen Star Wars which, despite not knowing who most of the guests are, is quite enjoyable and a great premise for a TV show. Pushing Daisies Season 2 has been announced for Blu-ray & DVD release on July 21st meaning the last 2 episodes should be airing sometime before then.
Still only on the first disc of The Adventures of Brisco Count Jnr, but finding the time to watch older stuff is getting too hard, I still have the first season of Mad Men on Blu-ray to watch too!

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