Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hello World....

So in the almost 9 months of my absence, I have moved house, downsized my collection, got back into vinyl (of all things), given up on hosting both radio shows, become addicted to Instagram and pretty much shirked all of my other online responsibilities for getting out there in the 'real' world.  It has been fun, but I thought I would put the blog hat back on for a day or two and see how that works out for me....

So as I mentioned above, I have been getting back into vinyl....a week or so ago was Record Store Day here in Australia and I was able to pick up The Lego Movie Soundtrack from my local is a pretty cool picture vinyl set as you can see below:

Anyway...I picked up a Audio Technica AT-LP60 and was pretty impressed by the sound quality for a $200 unit!  I have had 2 or 3 turntables lately and this was by far the best value for money! Here are a few other records I have managed to collect over the last few months...these images come courtesy of my Instagram feed so they aren't exactly detailed, but hey I am posting something so.... :P~

The Muppet Show
The Neverending Story by Klaus Doldinger and Giorgio Moroder.

The Aristocats Storybook & Songs
Empire of the Sun by John Williams
Lost in Translation (Japanese Release)
Disney Picture Album Releases - Hot Topic Exclusive
O'Brother Where Art Thou? - Various Artists
Crocodile Dundee by Peter Best
Arachnophobia - Trevor Jones & Various
The Jungle Book Storybook & Songs
The Labyrinth by Trevor Jones & David Bowie

 So there you have it! A blog post...finally....