Thursday, November 24, 2011

Next Wave of Ghibli Blu's

Well I received the first two blu-ray's from the next installment from Studio Ghibli (The third is still en-route).  I present Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo!  I watched Howl last night and I must say this is a fantastic disc, the picture quality is leaps and bounds ahead of the DVD I had. The 6.1 soundtrack is magnificent to behold and truly places you right in the midst of the story and action as it unfolds.  I must admit upon my first viewing of Howl I wasn't all that impressed, but as I re-watch it, I am coming to like it more and more (Hopefully the same will occur for Tales From Earth Sea, which I also didn't care greatly for on my initial viewing)

I haven't had a chance to watch Ponyo yet, but I did have a quick look at the disc and I must admit I am a bit disappointed that it is simply a re-hash of the original release. Whilst it is nice that the cover now matches the rest of the releases, it is a shame the disc contents are set out completely different and not in keeping with the theme from the others.  I guess maybe it was a little too much to ask, but I was hoping Studio Ghibli may have obliged us.  Oh well, it is still a great film and an excellent addition to the collection!

Ponyo also came with a little extra in the form of a sticker album (pictured below)

Now the waiting game for the next wave starts!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome.... to Jurassic Park

So I picked up the Jurassic Park trilogy Blu-ray a week or so ago, have only gotten around to watching The Lost World, but it looked fairly decent and had an awesome soundtrack.  It came in a nice Digipack too so I thought I would share a few photos:


 I also recently opened my Limited Edition DVD set, so I will share a few of those pics below too:

 As above, the set features Jurassic Park and The Lost World on DVD, (I replaced the normal special edition DVD's with the DTS Releases), the soundtrack to both films on CD and a certificate of authenticity.

Below you can see the two film frames and the pouch that holds some art cards (I didn't open these as I have enough art cards for JP as you can see from the images below that...)

Art Cards and Lobby Cards for Jurassic Park and The Lost World.