Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here be updates...

Here are a number of my Blu-ray collection additions over the last month or so...

Brave Futureshop Exclusive Viva MetalPak

Finding Nemo Futureshop Exclusive Viva MetalPak

Resident Evil: Extinction (not even sure where this hails from?)

Rashomon Criterion Collection

The Lady Vanishes Criterion Collection

Rosetta Criterion Collection

It has been a rather quiet year thus far....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Playing with Cinemagraph

I recently upgraded my phone to the Nokia Lumia 920, a fantastic piece of technology!

Anyhow, whilst playing with features etc I came across the cinemagraph feature that lets you take gif images directly from the phone... here are a few samples of photos I have taken thus far: (More after the break!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eat My Shorts: Saving the Astor (2012)

Saving the Astor (2012)

Directed by: Laura Hilton
Running Time: 12 Minutes 11 Seconds
Country: Australia

The Astor Theatre is an amazing picture house in Melbourne, Australia. They show great films from cult favourites to outright classics and everything in between.  Last year they had a bit of a scare regarding their lease agreement.  During this time my friend Laura was attending film school and decided to make a short film to help with their cause.  The Astor has since been saved and thus the film serves more as a document in history than a current PSA, but it is a great watch nonetheless !

For more information on The Astor or to see what is currently playing, you can check out their website here