Thursday, February 11, 2016

Carrie (2013)

Some actors continue to get typecast in certain roles, either as a result of their particular acting style or their physical appearance, but few actors have been cast in roles that are updating or remaking previous roles asoften as Chloe Grace Moretz appears to be

Young Carrie has a rather unfortunate experience in gym class when she gets her first period. Coming from a seriously devout religious household she has not been informed of the change her body is going through and thus thinks she is injured or worse dying.  Her peers, ever wary of her oddness, rather than helping her, take to bullying her in the most disgusting manner whilst filming it for posterity. (Aren't camera phones great!)

I guess really they have aimed Carrie at a more teenage audience... it kind of has elements of the Final Destination movies melded into it (slow motion death sequences along with blatant CGI and multiple angle repetition of shots), what I thought was a really big let down, was the missed opportunity to fit in a moral message regarding bullying, given that it is quite the issue these days. Instead it kind of hints at the whole "bullying has consequences", but takes it way too far in the end.

An interesting thing happened whilst watching this! I haven't seen the original in 10 years or so and re-watching it last night made me appreciate the remake more. (Hence the review) Don't get me wrong, I still think it was a needless remake, but seeing how dated the original is, I had to appreciate the work that went into bringing the new one into the 21st century and it did do it quite well.