Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition

 Well I have double dipped on The Wizard of Oz! I always regretted not purchasing the initial limited edition box that came out, settling instead on the local limited edition release, but now of course I am glad I held off as I really do like this edition. It will compliment my other version quite nicely :D

Anyhow, this set features the newly created 3D version of the film (not that I have any interest in that what-so-ever) on Blu-ray as well as a normal 2D version and extra features presented on two more Blu-ray's, a standard DVD version with extras and a double sided disc featuring the MGM documentary "When the Lion Roars". Other "extras" include a 52 page hard cover photo book, a journal, a map of Oz, a Nobel Collection pin set, a light up ruby slipper snow globe and my personal favourite (and exclusive to the Amazon version) a USB flash drive in the shape of the Wicked Witches legs! :D

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cinemagraphs Part 3 and Phone Upgrade!

Hello Hello,

Yes I am still alive.... not many updates of late I know!

Well the month of September came and went and with it I have changed mobile phones once again.  The Lumia 920 has been sold (and is currently doing a trip across Europe!) and has been replaced by its bigger brother the Lumia 1020!  Featuring 41 Megapixels of awesome!.

As usual, a new phone needs a bit of a work out and whilst the operating system and apps remain the same the upgrade to the camera also came with a change to the Cinemagraph app which now allows photos to be taken in HD (720) resolution.  Cinemagraph is still by far my favourite photo application on the Lumia phones and is constantly giving my ideas for photos I want to try and capture! So here are a few of the Cinemagraph shots I have captured on the Lumia 1020!

Please be aware that some of the files after the break are 10mb+ and as such, the page may take awhile to load on slower connections!