Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recent Additions...

It occurs to me that I have not updated any of my more recent acquisitions on the blog. So here is a post to rectify this! My partner got me the wonderful Guillermo Del Toro Collection from the UK for Christmas, it features a pop-up book cover (that was not very photogenic) and the films Cronos, Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone.

 I have also recently bought a region free Blu-ray player allowing me to take advantage of discs from the U.S and Asia. My first region A locked purchase is Justified Season 2, which ironically is not meant to be region locked, but is anyway...

I have also kick started my Criterion collection by replacing my DVD copy of Rushmore... expect more Criterion editions over the coming months...

 I have been eyeing Toy Story in one form or another for many a month now, and finally bit the bullet with a purchase from the blu-ray forums for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 U.K editions with slip case.  I did have Toy Story 3, but have sold it and have the UK version en route.

and last, but by no means least I picked up Paprika and Fantastic Mr. Fox, both at a bargain price!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Cat in Paris (2010)

We often hear tales of cats that lead double lives, trawling the neighborhood on varying days and visiting one of the many places it calls home. It comes as no surprise then, that someone has decided to make a film about such a cat.

By day, Dino is a doting cat owned by Zoe, the daughter of a Parisian Police Officer who has been mute since the death of her father, but by night he is sidekick to Nico, a wanted cat burglar operating in the area. One night Dino's two world's collide when Zoe follows him to Nico's house and winds up getting involved with the mob who killed her father.

A Cat In Paris is a great little film with some marvellous animation and a classic noir tale of intrigue and mystery. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys both intelligent animated films and old 30's and 40's classic mystery tales!