Sunday, April 26, 2009


Season 1 Episode 10: Haunted
So...episode 10, why do they do it?, the idea is fine....dead woman comes back to life through a doll, but it just doesn't work. Boyd makes a little speech about the ethics, but where is the real hardcore exploration of the possibilities and consequences?!! Instead we are given a Law & Order episode and if you watch Law & Order then you will likely know the killers identity before the half way mark anyway!

I stand by my statement that the Dollhouse should not be doing these singular episode "adventures", there are many stories and themes that could be explored without ever leaving the house, but they continue to follow Echo out on her jobs.

The running plot with Mellie and Ballard got a little interesting and the Topher subplot was a bit sad, but this was still an average episode.

I knew 3 in a row would be too much to ask.

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