Thursday, April 9, 2009

Technology Rant

How is that with the rapid and constant development of technology, computer hardware gets smaller and faster, but software, and specifically mainstream operating systems get larger, more bloated, far less efficient and just plain rubbish?!

I have had the displeasure of using Vista for all of about 1/2 an hour and I cannot figure something out....

The computer components I am using are faster and more efficient than ever before, but the OS is more hardware dependent, seems far less efficient and is downright bloated? and the best part, is that I can't find any reason I would want to update to it from XP? Am I missing something, why is Vista the new toy?? Yes, I know this ship has sailed and very soon Windows 7 will be out and hurrah, its going to be better than Vista. (that really isn't saying much.)

But my logic is still pissed.... I mean XP should be able to run on a bloody Commodore 64, and Vista being all new and flashy should run on any system designed before its release, not require the absolute state of the art mother ship from some alien races secret supply of doohickeys just to install the goddamn thing!. Its like taking 2 steps forward only to takes 5 steps backwards. Another great example is formats like DVD, and now Blu-ray, these format holds up to 50 times the information of CDs, but the standard for recording on each almost requires that amount of space?!. In other words you can fit 2 hours of video in DVD-Video format on a single disc and that is it.

okay, got that out of my system.....

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