Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday Night TV Extravaganza

Well after yesterday's post saying that I was all up to date, I figured when I got home to start some new shows and catch up on a few shows I had let slip by the what follows is my evenings viewing.

This sounded exactly like an Agatha Chrisite mystery, and having watched this first episode it kind of is. Although slightly more gory. The original pilot featured Bill Pullman, but after some studio switches and changes he is no longer attached. Someone who is still attached, and whom I feel is often overlooked in her roles is Elaine Cassidy, she stars as Abby Mills, daughter of a small island Sheriff. 7 years ago he investigated the murder of 7 people including his wife, Abby's Mother. The murderer was found and killed, but not before she fled the island to the big city. Now she has returned to the island for her best friends wedding and one by one the guests are being taken out by an unknown assailant. I am guessing this is going to have some swing back to the murders 7 years ago, but the first episode really only establishes the return to the island, the wedding party guests and gives us the first 2 kills.

I noticed the second episode came out just after I finished watching this so I will grab that today...there are only 13 episodes (and no renewal), but it was completed before airing, so assuming nothing major ruins this for me I think I will keep watching...

South Park, what can you say...I caught up with the last few episodes of season 13 I had missed, I loved The Coon, Queefing was okay and Fish win some lose some. Are you a gay fish?

In some ways I wish Red Dwarf hadn't come back, I wasn't a huge fan of the last few series, I loved the first 4 though. They did have an interesting idea, but it just seemed very forced, and the aging actors show their...well, age. Having said that though, you can clearly see they are glad to be back in roles that they are obviously very comfortable in. There are certainly enough references to past episodes to keep the geeks happy, but I doubt this would appeal to first time Dwarfers.

I also caught up on the latest Dollhouse episode, but more on that in another post later.

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