Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soundtrack Round-up

So, I am going to start giving short reviews of my soundtrack listening habits, in the same vain as my Weekly TV round-up

My Neighbor Totoro (Joe Hiahasi)
One of my all time favorite feature films, also a great soundtrack. This 15th anniversary release is an orchestral version of the score with a male narration of the story interspersed, I love the main theme on this disc. It is so rich and full and it is great to hear the music as played by an full orchestra. Joe Hiahasi is a true master and this is a must for any Totoro fans out there!

Star Trek (Michael Giacchino)
I imagine it must be quite difficult to be asked to compose an original score for a movie that is essentially part of a greater franchise in which most audience members are expecting to hear the recurring theme. (Terminator 3 made most fans ropeable for its lack of the main Terminator theme until the end credits), it is a bit like Star Wars without the main title fanfare. Michael Giacchino uses just enough of the familiar Star Trek theme throughout his score, but for the most part this is an original work. (at least until the end credits.) The score is quite good and did suit the film well in part, but as far as Star Trek scores go...well.. I am a big Jerry Goldsmith fan so I guess I am bias.

Angels & Demons (Hans Zimmer)
I have not seen, nor do I have any desire to see The Da Vinci Code yet I really liked to score to it. Thus I decided I would give the Angels & Demons score a listen. Basically it was exactly what I expected. Frenetic Drums and Choir music, or etheral low vocal chanting with bells etc. Not sure I would listen to it again, but it is okay for what it is, not Zimmer's best though.


Matt said...

I agree with you about the music for My Neighbor Totoro, for sure. Still, it is one of my least favorite Miyazaki movies overall (which still makes it one of the best animated movies ever). I'm more partial to Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Kiki's Delivery Service.

Anamnesis said...

Totoro is by far my favourite Ghibli film....I love that essentially it is a movie about nothing. It is followed by Kiki's Delivery Service and then...oddly (or so most people seem to think) Whisper of the Heart. But really I just like all the studio Ghibli films. ;)