Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Unborn (2009)

Okay.....where to start.....so there is this girl....and she is having these weird dreams with little boys and dodgy looking puppy dogs. Now her eyes have gone all spooky and there are strange noises coming from the mirror (you know, the type of mirror that she can only stand in front of when she is scantily clad), her friends think she is crazy so she enlists the help of a priest....you know to exorcise her demons. Then there are these Nazis and this old peoples home and this possessed little kid oh and Gary Oldman is in it too and also that chick that always plays the best friend and dies....

The Unborn is one of the most useless attempts Hollywood has ever done at a demonic possession movie. These types of horror movies just make me so mad that I want to throw my remote control through the screen. They make no attempt to play by their own rules and they just don't make any sense what-so-ever....there are scenes in this film that have absolutely no basis or purpose other than to supposedly scare you (maybe if you were 5 or something you might be startled a little, but mostly because it is too loud.)

Honestly....its not like David S. Goyer hasn't been associated with semi decent material in the past (The Dark Knight, Blade, Dark City), what the hell was he smoking when he churned this crap out. And what was Gary Oldman thinking?

Anyway...avoid this like the plague.....

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