Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekly TV Round-up

Season 1 Episode 6: Sploosh
Well now I am beginning to get into this....after a week off (and left on a cliff hanger) things have started to get interesting. People now know that their lives are in danger, the few red herrings that have been setup are being abolished and we the violence has been stepped up a notch. It does still have some soap opera-esque elements to it, and I am a little intrigued how it is going to provide 7 more episodes of entertainment, but at least they have my attention again. (and it is about the only series I was watching that hasn't finished yet!)

Season 1 Episode 23: Red John's Footsteps
I always forgot to mention The Mentalist in my weekly round-ups and here we are on the last episode of the season. I was a little disappointed I must say. Red John hasn't been given much dedication in this season and this episode felt rushed and more of a mandatory plot device. It seems the producers realized that they had not dedicated enough episodes to their running story and thus this episode was contractually obliged. You will note that the end of this episode negates the reason for it to have existed at all...and leaves the flood gates open for season 2. oh well....they can't all be classics.

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Matt said...

I'm a big fan of Simon Baker, even though I've only caught about 5 episodes of this show. Every one of them was great.