Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Film With Me In It (2008)

A Film With Me In It is very reminiscent of Shallow Grave, another dark comedy dealing with situations that escalate to the extremity. This film, follows want to be actor, Mark on what is about to become one of the most unusual and unlucky days of his life. He lives in an apartment with his distant girlfriend and his wheelchair bound brother. Things aren't going so well for him at the moment, and if he thought they couldn't get worse....well, he would be wrong. Upstairs lives Pierce, a want to be writer / director who is also a recovering (albeit slowly and with no dedication at all) alcoholic.

Neither has paid their rent, Mark's flat is falling apart around him and his latest audition didn't go nearly as well as he had hoped. To tell you more would encroach on your viewing experience.

Dylan Moran is being used shamelessly to plug the film over here (although the fact he is touring may be another reason for this), but he is cast perfectly as Pierce. In fact all of the actors suit their roles effectively, it is more their characters that let the film down. After all of the events that happen to Mark, one would think he would not be as passive as he is, however you get caught trying to figure out how else he could react. It is shot in a nice bleak style with quite a bit of grain, somewhat representative of the main characters lives in general. The music is a little at odds on occasion, but overall suits the mood of the film.

A Film With Me In It did leave me a little disappointed on the whole, it had quite a bit of potential and the few laughs it does generate are good more because of their delivery than the writing or the joke itself. Still, it is nice to see such a simple premise turned into even an adequate movie, after all, they can't all be blockbusters. So, if you like your comedy black or even if you are just a fan of Dylan Moran, I am sure you will find something to enjoy here.

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