Monday, March 30, 2009

Inkheart (2008)

Inkheart reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark in more than a few ways.
For example, Our protagonist (Indy) is in a race against evil (the Nazis) searching for a book (ark of the covenant) that has the power to destroy all that we know (supernaturally).

Okay, so maybe there is a little more than the short description above. Brendan Fraser plays Mo, he is a "Silver Tongue", this means that he has the ability to bring fictional characters into the real world simply by reading a book aloud. As fun as this may seem, it also has a few side effects. Whilst reading a novel called Inkheart to his baby daughter and wife, Mo unleashes a group of evil bandits into the real world whilst transporting and trapping his wife into the fictional Inkheart novel.

Fast forward a few years and Mo and daughter Meggie (who has no recollection of the above) are traveling the world in search of a copy of Inkheart in order that Mo may read his wife out again. Meanwhile, the evil bandits who were extracted have set themselves up in a castle, and led by Capricorn (the 2nd baddest guy from the book), are on a mission to destroy all copies of Inkheart lest they be returned to their fictional world (apparently the real world is far more exciting), but first they need Mo to extract THE baddest guy from the book, he is known only as The Shadow.

What follows is a standard good vs evil adventure story with Mo trying to save his wife, and Capricorn trying to take over the world.

Again, this movie has a bit too much going on at any given time and what I have explained above is only the tip of the iceberg.

Brendan Fraser is just coasting along in what appears to be becoming a typecast role for him, appearances are made by Helen Mirren, Paul Bettany, Andy Serkis and Jim Broadbent among others.

If you are just looking for an evening of fantasy adventure then you could do worse, if you are after something with a little more heart and soul might I suggest re-watching Raiders!

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