Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleepthief - Desire Of Ages (Anamnesis DTS 5.1 Mix)

The next track I have chosen for my stereo to 5.1 conversion is from the artist Sleepthief. My project started off with me just wanting some of my favorite tracks mixed into surround sound, but I am increasingly finding myself doing whole albums. The first album I re-mixed was Delerium's Poem and I have just now completed Sleepthief's The Dawnseeker from which this track is taken.

A little about how I am actually doing these mixes. Firstly I am ripping a raw .wav file from the original CD. I then extract left and right channels into mono tracks. I then run the stereo track through Adobe Encore using a few custom filters to remove or isolate a centre vocal and stereo surround tracks. I have found in most cases that the process works best without a centre channel, so for most tracks I am doing now, I rely on the left and right speakers to place the vocal in centre. I then use Encore and Audacity to ensure the timing and placement is correct. I then output 6 raw mono wav files and use Surcode DTS CD Encoder Pro to encode the convert these to a single 5.1 DTS encoded WAV file. Burn to CD and listen to make sure it has worked correctly.

So as usual, here is the warning that the following file is encoded in DTS and requires a DTS decoder in order to play correctly.

Sorry, No Longer Available for Download.

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