Monday, March 23, 2009

Walled In (2009)

Walled In is one of those horror movies that could actually have been good. It had an interesting idea, a fairly strong cast, a well designed set and what most likely would have been a reasonable budget. It is based on the novel Les Emmur├ęs by Serge Brussolo. The story follows Samantha Walczak who is sent in as a demolition expert to destroy a famous architects building, the site of a grizzly series of murders in which victims were "walled in" whilst still alive. Upon her arrival she starts to realize that the building may not have shared all of its secrets. Sam is played quite capably by Mischa Barton, an actress whom I followed long before her O.C days going back to PUPS and Lost & Delirious, the film also stars Debra Kara Unger and Cameron Bright, both quite comfortable in their respective roles. The main issue I have is the plot. I have not read the novel, so I am not sure of how much licence the movie has taken, but for the most part the story just becomes horror cliche and certain character subplots unbelievable or worse absurd. The film also suffers from superfluous back story and a few dead ends.

It comes as no surprise then that the film has gone straight to DVD, I wouldn't recommend you rush out and rent it, but if you like psychological thrillers and enjoy movies that have creepy ideas (despite failing to fully complete them) then you may enjoy this one.

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