Monday, March 23, 2009

No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.

If I had to list my favorite movie scores of all time, then Last of the Mohicans would most definitely get a mention. Trevor Jones is one of the finest composers working in movies from his amazing scores for Jim Henson's Labyrinth & Dark Crystal to his science fiction work on Dark City. Here he works with Randy Edelman to present a score that compliments an equally fine movie and today I thought I would pay tribute to it.

Firstly, Last of the Mohicans has become the second score that I have converted to DTS 5.1, this time using elements from the actual DVD and Recording Session Audio in order to make a complete score.

The track I have chosen to present here is from the End Titles, it does not feature in its original form on the official CD, thus making it a treat for both myself and fans of the music alike.

A reminder once again that you require DTS decoding in order to play this file. You can get a free software DTS decoder for PC here

Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman - End Titles for Last of the Mohicans

The following files are normal Mp3's

Next up, I thought I would continue with my remix posts by uploading a nice Trance version of the theme I Will Find You. Performed in the movie by the group Clannad, this is a non vocal remix by a group calling themselves Napalm. I am not sure where I actually found this track....but I think it is a great revisioning of the theme for clubs. If you know the source please feel free to comment so that I may give credit.

Napalm - Last of the Mohicans (Trance Mix)

and lastly I thought I would add a re-interprative version of the theme by Sara Grimaldi. In 2008 EGO music released a 7 track single of mixes. I present the full Thomas Schwartz remix here for your listening pleasure.

Sara Grimaldi - I Will Find You (Thomas Schwartz Mix)

Enjoy :)

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