Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Island Awaits You (Anamnesis DTS 5.1 Mix)

One of my favorite scores over the last few years was for the Michael Bay sci-fi film The Island. The score is by Steve Jablonsky and although it is basically a rip off of Hans Zimmer's work for King Arthur, which is also used for his part in the Batman Begins score, it is still the best of the 3 soundtracks. I have recently completed my surround mix of the entire score which actually worked far better than I had anticipated.

Sorry, No Longer Available for Download

*This file requires DTS hardware or software in order to play.


Anonymous said...

Damn, its 2.0

Anamnesis said...

It should be 4.0 (no centre channel)...

What were you listening to it on?