Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodies & Things from the collection

Here is the latest round up of aquisitions added to the ever growing collection:

Sleepy Hollow (UK): Whilst not the best transfer and certainly not the best release for extras, it does at least present the film with a much better presentation than any previous efforts.

The Orphanage (UK): Basically a reference disc all around - you can read me review of this very disc here.

Goldfinger & Thunderball: Finally managed to pick these 2 up for a steal... now they just need to release You Only Live Twice and I will be a happy camper!

Donnie Darko - I am just going to pretend that this only features the theatrical (or original as the disc suggests) version and say the 2nd disc is just extras. Great film and a fairly solid presentation.

A little while ago I also stumbled upon this fellow:

All your monies is belong to me!!

He has replaced my Stiggy Bank (well, the Stig is not exactly what he used to be) with pride place on my whatsits shelf (you know, one of those shelves that houses things you have nowhere else to put!)

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