Thursday, June 9, 2011

Film Central & How B Grade Movies Saved (or Ruined) My Life

As if I didn't already watch enough films during the week (Clearly you can never watch too many), I have just joined the ranks of Film Central on Edge Radio 99.3FM here in Hobart! Basically I will now be reviewing more mainstream fare as well as the regular B-Grade Movie updates. You will find my reviews both here and on the Film Central blog (and obviously by tuning in at 5pm on Tuesday evening!)

Speaking of radio shows though...

Episode 91 - Actor Special: Arnold Schwarzenegger
This week Matt and I review movies by The Govenator himself from his Conan origins to his awful comedies and everything in between!

Challenges were:

Matthew: Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Steven: End of Days (1999)

Episode 92 - Actor Special: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Next cab off the rank in our Actor specials is the muscles from Brussels, star of many a B grade action flick (some of them are even quite good!). Jean-Claude Van Damme recently escaped his stereotype by starring in JCVD, but we will be talking about his entire *ahem* range of movies.

Challenges were:

Matthew: Hard Target (1993)

Steven: Replicant (2001)

As usual you can find, listen or download all of our past episodes over at B Grade Movies Online! You can also hear us live on 99.3FM in Hobart or streaming live at Edge Radio at 10pm AEST every Sunday evening!

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