Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men: First Class (2011)

So the first of the "BIG" summer movies has hit our wintery shores. X-Men: First Class promises to give us all the low down on the origins of our favourite band of mutants, what it does instead is alter our past and provide a decent set of actors the opportunity to "Act" the part (see the pictures above and below).

Set at the beginning of the Cuban missile crisis in the early 60's, our young Professor X and his good pal Magneto set about collecting mutants for the CIA to help stop Kevin Bacon from starting World War 3 in his attempt to wipe out the human race. Oh and Kevin Bacon is a mutant too (who knew?)

If the film had spent far less time providing fan service and self referencing the previous films and more time on focusing on the actual stories behind the mutants, which lets be honest, is the only reason you go to see an X-Men movie, this could have been quite a contender. Instead it is an overly long, overly loud and overly convoluted comic book movie that puts otherwise good talent to waste. Still, it is not as bad as X-Men 3.

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