Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Under-rated Trilogies - The Prophecy

The Prophecy (1995)
Released on a limited theatrical run, The Prophecy was not an altogether successful film, although it did make its money back affording it a continuation. Starring Christopher Walken as the arc angel Gabriel, The Prophecy tells the story of the fight between angels waring over control of heaven. Gabriel has come to Earth to seek a dark soul that will help him in his cause, only he has been beaten to it by Simon (Eric Stoltz) who has hidden the soul in a little girl. With the help of her teacher, a detective and the devil himself, they must try to keep Gabriel from getting the soul.

**Please note the following contains spoilers**

The Prophecy II (1998)
Gabriel is released from hell and put back on Earth for reasons not entirely clear. When he gets back he finds that the angel Danyael has knocked up a nurse to bring forth the Nephalim in order to try and return order to heaven and keep Gabriel from winning his war. Gabriel, with the help of a recently deceased teenager tries to stop the child's birth in a fight that sees them return to the garden of Eden for the final showdown.

One of the major issues plaguing the film is the non-return of one of the lead actors from the first. Apparently you can just give another actor long hair and present him unshaven for a few scenes before killing him and hoping no one notices. The acting is also fiarly wooden, which is a shame given a cast the likes of Christopher Walken, Brittany Murphy, Eric Roberts and Jennifer Beals. Again Christopher Walken steals the show and the film isn't all bad.

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000)
Possibly the weakest in the trilogy, The Prophecy 3 sees Gabriel (having been converted to the thing he hates most in the previous film) help Danyael (the Nephalim from the previous film, but all-growed up) fight to save his and all the other monkey souls from Pyriel, the angel of genocide, who has decided to rid the Earth of its human plague.

Again the film fails to keep consistency of actors and kills off those characters in all-to-convenient ways. The story seems a little shonky and the acting in the series gets progressively worse, but there is still enough here to warrant watching all 3 films, if not just for Walken's performance.

The future of the series.....
Well, regrettably The Prophecy is no longer a trilogy as there have been 2 direct to DVD movies that were released back in 2005; The Prophecy: Uprising and The Prophecy: Forsaken. As these do not feature any of the original cast members I choose to believe that these films do not exist. Or, if they do, they are not a true part of The Prophecy series.

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