Monday, June 15, 2009

Eden Log (2007)

I quite enjoyed Eden Log, however I am starting to grow tired of the apparent unwritten law of science fiction stating that they must contain a political or environmental statement. Even the apocalyptic horror films of late have been in on this law. Why can't we just have a good old fashioned science fiction story that is not the by product of humans interaction with the environment.

That said, Eden Log starts its journey with a 3 minute strobe effect (warning to viewers who suffer from epilepsy), where we meet our main lead. He has no name, he can't remember anything and he has just woken up in a pool of water next to a dead man in what appears to be the bottom of a mine shaft. He makes his way through a number of turnstiles (with technology that suggests the setting is in the not to distant future) in an attempt to get out. He quickly learns that he is not alone in the dark.

Whilst this set up is by no means original, the set pieces, lighting and camera work made my viewing experience all the more immersive. The soundtrack is expansive with some subtle and effective use of surrounds. The score is never overbearing and in some instances completely indiscernible from the films actual sound scape. There is relatively little dialogue, which makes a change, though sadly what dialog there is basically explains away everything anyhow.

The cast is fairly limited, and aside from the two main characters, most are hidden under makeup or costumes which require very little "acting"

Overall I quite enjoyed the journey of Eden Log, but the reflection is not as satisfying and I am not sure that the ending was well thought out, but it is certainly marred by poor CGI.

I am sure most sci fi fans will find something to like in Eden Log, but it doesn't offer anything that hasn't been done in the past.

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