Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eat My Shorts: Sour Death Balls (1993)

Sour Death Balls. (1993)
A film by Jessica Yu
Running Time: 5 Minutes
Country: USA

When I was younger my family traveled from Australia to the UK for a few months in order for us youngsters to meet our extended family who still lived in the Motherland. Whilst there I met quite a number of my cousins, the majority of whom live in Scotland. When I met them, they played a practical joke on me, by asking if I would like a sweetie and proceeding to feed me one of the most foul tasting and sour "sweeties" I had ever eaten. As a going away present they provided me with a whole box of these delectable goodies so that I might do the same to my friends back home. (I took them to school and gave them to my entire class) If I had been a tad older and as clever as Jessica Yu, I may have thought of making this film.

Sour Death Balls is an original short documenting the reactions of people given a sour death ball to eat. It is mostly children who partake, but the reactions are so funny and honest that I was in stitches for most of its duration.

You can find it on the IMDB here.

and you can watch the film below:

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