Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trailer Alert - The Descent 2

Way back in 2005 a little known horror film rocked my world. Hot off the hit that was Dog Soldiers, Neil Marshall's next film made it into my top 5 of that year! I introduced it to every person that ever spoke to me about movies. If you could wear a DVD out, my 2 disc edition would have needed replacing long ago. (along with The 5th Element, but that's a different post)

The Descent.

The plot was simple and the movie scared the absolute pants off me. Of course it helped that I knew nothing about it!! Once you know any bit of information about this film it kind of spoils it.

Anyhow, I watched Eden Lake a month or so ago, and learnt that its director James Watkins next project was a sequel to the Descent.

I have no idea how they plan on pulling it off, but watching this trailer leads me to believe they are using the U.S ending as a starting point. (Yes, the film had multiple endings depending on which country you saw it in)

Anyways....see for yourself:

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