Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quarantine (2008)

As with all American horror remakes, I would strongly urge seeking out the original film first. REC is superior in almost every way. The U.S film does have a few nice scare moments, but is also predictable, cliched and maintains the sickeningly distracting hand held camerawork that means for almost 1/4 of the film you have no idea whats going on anyway. The acting is a little dry (mostly screaming and hysterics), the writing worse and the whole film is given away in the trailer. By now I would have thought the whole "Blair Witch" style was out, and yet movies like this and Cloverfield continue to appear...If you have 90 minutes to kill and want a few scares it will probably suffice, if you want the real deal go and rent REC.

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