Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monkey wannabe

One of my favorite actors is Christopher Walken, even in the most pitiful role I can still find something to like about his acting. One of my favorite of his roles was Gabriel from the original Prophecy Trilogy (I say original because there have been 2 more godawful sequels made without his presence) The music for the first two films was done by David C. Williams, the third was done by Steve Boeddeker who continued using David C. Williams themes. I actually don't mind when this happens as it gives consistency to the series....imagine Return of the Jedi without the Star Wars fanfare...it wouldn't work. Michael Kamen did an amazing score for the first X-Men and the John Ottman fucked it up with X-Men 2...lamest score ever....but I digress. Today I am uploading the end credits "remix" of The Prophecy theme for your enjoyment.

Sorry, No Longer Available to Download

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