Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009)

Before I start this review, let me just mention the rarity of this event. Very few shows get a second chance at life...Family Guy, Futurama and Firefly (in the form of Serenity) are the first that come to mind...(Strange that they are all F shows from FOX....) Family Guy is probably the most successful revival of the bunch, I was a big fan of all 3, I liked Serenity and the Futurama movies aren't all bad, but they just were not the same as the shows that they hailed from originally.... Something just didn't feel right.

Dead Like Me aired on Showtime, but it was created by MGM. Showtime did not renew a third season despite MGM wanting to continue producing the show. So now 5 years later we get the aptly named Life After Death. There are many things about this direct to DVD movie I didn't like, I did not like the rushed effort they went to explaining the departure or Rube, I did not like the fact that Der Waffle House was burnt down, the Lass residence is MIA and George appears to have been exhumed and reburied in a much less picturesque cemetary. (all due to a change in shooting location) Daisy has had an actress change when really her character should have just been bumped off and the plot at least for the first half is very reminiscent of the first season pilot. There is no real progression of characters (with the possible exception of Regie), the reapers are still making the same mistakes, George is still a lost little puppy....even Happy Time hasn't changed....The whole thing just seems a little is great to see the cast back, but there are soo many things they could have done. The story is not all bad, but it just doesn't feel like a real Dead Like Me episode.

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