Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Episode 100 - Jump the Shark

Join Matt & I in our celebration of our 100th episode, over the course of the show we will take a look back at the things we have enjoyed about the last 99 episodes as well as some of the things we feel just went the wrong way completely. Erin also joins us to help put our Psycho challenge from a few months ago to bed, the challenge was put forward for us to find someone who had never seen the original or the remake of Psycho and then tells us which was better the 1960 version or the horrid 1998 remake, the catch is she had to watch them backwards, i.e. the remake first.

We also discuss our favorite challenges and not so favorite challenges over the past shows with the claws coming out on some titles once again. So make sure you tune in to celebrate with us the milestone as we attempt to jump the shark. (I always thought you jumped crocodiles myself?)

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