Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How B Grade Movies Saved (or Ruined) My Life

As I mentioned in my post prior to the new year, I am a little behind in posting the podcast version of our radio show. Those of you who have subscribed through other means will likely be up-to-date, but for those left behind I present the 3 shows that I have missed posting due to holiday season madness!!

Episode 63 - Christmas Show
As promised in our Holiday Show, we did an entire show dedicated to films of a festive nature. The show also included a selection of awesome Christmas tracks selected by yours truly, but I am afraid due to licensing issues we are unable to use them in the podcast version (I was really bummed about that!) Of course we had our challenges as usual. My challenge was Santa's Slay featuring Bill Goldberg and Matthews challenge was The Ref starring Dennis Leary!

Episode 64 - Movies Based On Comic Book Characters
As with our Vampires show, I was surprised to learn that we had not done a show on comic book based movies. Of course we rectified that situation straight away!

The Challenges:
Matt - The Rocketeer
Steven - The Swamp Thing

and here is the show:

and last, but by no means least, our latest effort:

Episode 65 - 2010: A Year in Review
We take a look at the films released last year and each provide 5 of our favorites.
This show went a little haywire, but still managed to get through it.

The Challenges:
Matt - Exit Through The Gift Shop
Steven - The Expendables

To keep up with the goings on of the show, you can find us on Facebook, listen to us live at Edge Radio on Sundays at 10pm (AEST) or listen to all past episodes at B Grade Online.

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