Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Prime Minister - I recommend Mr. Sheen, it is great for cleaning Cabinets.

Dear Red Headed Prime Minister Lady,

I know when I clean cabinets there is a lot of dust and grime to contend with and of course there is always that one door that just never stops squeaking no matter how much WD40 you use on the damn thing, but clearly when cleaning yours, you didn't check the back corners as you seem to have missed a spot!

There is still a Stephen Conroy hiding in your cabinet representing a Minister for Communications.

I am not sure how it got in there as I would have thought a communication minister's communication skills had to extend more than one way, but that certainly isn't what Stephen Conroy does, he doesn't even listen to the people of Australia.

Your party's policies under his watch are getting beyond a joke! Do you know that he plans on placing Mandatory Internet Censorship into everyone's homes, not to mention your party's new plans for mandatory firewall and virus software and the logging for 10 years of people's browsing histories.

Clearly these are mistakes that are forcing many Australian's to question the motives of a Government that seems intent on forcing one man's own fascist agenda down their throat, and with no transparency or rebuttal process.

I am writing because when I clean my cabinet out I make sure I get every nook and cranny, and I would hope that someone would let me know if I had missed a spot. So in turn, I am letting you know of the spot you have missed as I am sure you would want to get that cleaned out as soon as possible!

Yours Faithfully Steven

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