Monday, November 9, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife (2008)

Based upon the best selling novel of the same name, The Time Traveler's Wife is an interesting tale about a man with an ability he didn't ask for, and that he cannot control and the impact it has on his life and those around him. The book is a sad, almost tragic tale of loss and loneliness and the will to love on, most of which is lost in the conversion to film. Instead, we are given a somewhat bittersweet love story with the occasional science fiction element.

Rachel McAdams stars as Clare, all of her life she has been waiting to meet Mr. Right, the only thing is, she already knows who he is, she has known him for most of her life. His name is Henry (Eric Bana) and he has visited Clare at various times throughout her life and she is completely in love with him. Whilst researching a paper at her local library, Clare finally meets her true love, only he doesn't know her as he has yet to meet her in his future. Sound confusing?

Like any good time travel film, The Time Traveler's Wife does not hold up to much scrutiny, the paradoxes are many and varied and in most instances defy logic. Whilst the film works on some level, helped predominately by the casting, you can't help feel a little disjointed and confused by how things get played out. The look and feel of the film bears a striking resemblance to The Lake House, another disjointed romance featuring time travel as a main character, and, had that film been cast a little differently may have been more successful.

If you have not read The Time Traveler's Wife, then the film is entertaining enough in its own right, however, if you have read the book, then it is doubtful that the film will satisfy your hope for a faithful adaption.

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