Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Final Destination (2009)

Where to begin. This, the fourth Final Destination film brings the series to an all new low with some of the worst casting, scripting, acting and over-the-top death sequences (not to mention the lame 3-D gimmick). What is even more annoying is that it is directed by David R. Ellis, who was responsible for the more than adequate Final Destination 2.

With so many possibilities, and 3 previous films to work from it is quite disappointing that this is the best they could come up with!

Idiot premonition boy and his wonderpals are spending a day at the races, the car races to be exact. Like most other people in the audience they are hoping for a crash and this being a final destination movie it is more than happy to oblige.

After the initial premonition things divert from the usual story arc and rather than have visions of what is to come our lead boy must decipher dodgy CGI effects that are apparently hinting to who is next (as he can't remember) and how they are going to die, that or they are an ad for the local hardware store.

The film is incredibly clunky, the death sequences are more like watching a Looney Toons episode than a Final Destination film and the characters are all so vile or uninteresting that really, the deaths they do suffer are luxury compared to what you would like to have seen happen to them.

So basically, unless you want to waste 90 minutes of your life, treat the film as you would your dodgy Uncle Bob and avoid....

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