Friday, November 27, 2009

How B Grade Movies Saved (Or Ruined) My Life

Recently I have been moonlighting on a community radio station co-hosting a show called "How B Grade Movies Saved (Or Ruined) My Life". It is currently airing at 5pm on Saturdays, but from December 5th will air at 6pm on Sundays. Each week we discuss a specific genre or subject of B movies as well as new releases on DVD & Blu-ray. We also throw out a B movie challenge to the general populace who are encouraged to seek it out and view it. Of course that requires us to see it too. I figured I would start documenting the shows here on my blog, and maybe at some point begin offering them as a podcast, but we shall see how I go. For now you can tune in live online at then select Listen Online.

You can also become a fan of the show on Facebook using the link below.

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