Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Deaths

The picture above featured on the front page of our local newspaper. No one survived this crash. On what is being drilled into us as the "Darkest Day" on Tasmania's roads there has been much talk about how to stop so many deaths. Slower Speed Limits, Dual Carriage ways, more police patrols....the list goes on, but sadly none of them will curb the obvious issue of driver's attitudes. Tasmania has some of the worst drivers I have ever witnessed in my life. They have a total lack of respect for the road, the others on the road and most obviously, their own lives. I am by no means perfect, but I have only ever been involved in 2 accidents (neither of which was attributed to me) and I have never received any form of traffic infringement with the possible exception of a parking ticket. I wish my car had a camera system installed, but buying tapes for all of the "evidence" being submitted would be costly. I was reminded of the days when I used to visit the TARD (The Atlanta Roadways Digest). An awesome feat of David vs Goliath in which an Atlanta resident publicly shamed bad drivers on his site. Maybe Tasmania could do with one of these... while the government wastes its time talking about solutions that everyone knows will do absolutely fuck all to fix this problem, it is down to the individual road users to make a stand. Changing speed limits does nothing but hurt those already obeying them.

My advice; if you see a moron, pull over and call the police. If you are a moron, try running into a tree and just killing yourself instead of other innocent road users.

You can read about the accidents at The Mercury website.

My sympathy goes out to all of the families affected by the accidents.

I know this post isn't technically movie related, but I was angry, and when I am angry I tend to want to write about it and I figured I should given the post below.....

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