Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trailer Alert - The Lovely Bones

I was so pissed off when Peter Jackson swooped in and grabbed the rights to this book away from Director Lynne Ramsay. This trailer only helps fuel that fire somewhat...... it has quite a number of spoilers if the film is following the book closely. The cast looks strong, but I really have my reservations about this. The film was in far better hands with Ramsay, who was a perfect choice to direct a film based on a book as melodic and sad as this one. Peter Jackson has just thrown a wad of cash at it and made it a CGI fest with a "name" cast. But I guess I will have to see the film before I can pass a true judgment on it.

From the images in the trailer the film visually looks like a rip off of What Dreams May Come....with both the "heaven and earth reality".

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