Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steelbook Update!

Well here we are again with some new additions to the collection.  Above is the Kimchidvd exclusve steelbook edition of Tangled featuring a lenticular slipcover. It is very difficult to photograph, but is certainly much nicer in person!  It also came with a storybook (In English), some photocards and a sticker sheet.  A very nice set indeed.  Next up we have some Zavvi releases:

I have held off buying Starship Troopers on Blu-ray, but then I jumped when this was announced.  Haven't watched the disc yet, but it is a nice steelbook.

Oblivion was a bit of a miss for me, but I absolutely loved the score by M83 and bought this simply to get the isolated score in DTS surround sound!  Basically if you treat the film as a music video it works very well ;)

Again, The Little Mermaid is not one of my favourites, but I do really like this artwork.  I am a bit pissed though that I wasn't able to secure copies of Dumbo or Lady & The Tramp, two films I would much rather own... so this may get traded.

Byzantium was a blind buy, but I really enjoyed it and the stunning visuals look fantastic on this Blu-ray.  I am actually not a fan of the artwork they have used on the back cover, but that front cover almost makes me cry admiring its beauty :P

Double dip time, Close Encounters is missing the second disc and booklet from the original release, so really I just bought it for the steelbook. I note it has now sold out.

and last, but not least.  I did enjoy Django, but I wasn't going to own it.  I picked this up for $12 and as it came with the soundtrack I thought that was quite a good deal :)

I have more goodies on the way including the new 50th Commemorative JFK release from Warner so will be posting pics of that when it arrives, I have also ordered both versions of the Kimchidvd release of A Tale of Two Sisters so I am looking forward to those too!!!


Gabi said...

Byzantium was amongst my favorite films this last year. I have been eyeing of that steelbook considerably. It is az shame that in Australia it essentially had a non release.

Anamnesis said...

It is certainly high up on my list of favorites for the year too! The steelbook is really nice! Another of my favourites of the year is Violet & Daisy also starring Saoirse Ronan. That film has been on the shelf for 2 years, but finally got released this month on Blu-ray in the States and is well worth checking out!