Friday, August 23, 2013

Wonderful world of promotional items!

Having received a promotional gift in the mail yesterday from Starz Entrainment for the release of Spartacus Vengeance on August 28th this year... I decided to create a post for some of the other odds and ends that have been sent to me over the years in this industry.  Sadly, movie promotion has dwindled quite significantly over time so most of the juicy stuff is from a number of years back, but here are some of the things I still have starting with the Spartacus Vengeance set:

More after the break.....

Coyote Ugly - Martini Glass
From Hell Church Candle
The Ghost & The Darkness - Leather Drink Bottle
The Waterboy - Football
Cast Away - Wilson Volleyball
The Italian Job (Remake) - Mini Cooper model.
Rush Hour - Chopsticks
Key Rings



That'll do for now! I forgot how much stuff there actually is!!  Will save the rest for another blog post down the line!

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