Thursday, September 20, 2012

Steelbook Bonanza

As promised last week, here are a few of my steel and metal packaged discs from my collection. I have only recently really started an interest in this packaging style and I am still unsure if I like it enough to consider replacing any existing titles I may have already, but these titles were all new releases at the time I purchased them. I did however have some tins from my DVD collecting days so I figured I would start with them!

V For Vendetta (Australian DVD Limited Edition Tin) 

Edward Scissorhands (U.S 10th Anniversary DVD Tin) 

Firefly & Serenity (EzyDVD Tins Australia)

And now onto the Blu-ray steelbooks which I shall present as an outside shot (Front, Back and Spine) and an inside shot with disc art (where applicable).

The Avengers (Australian JBHIFI Exclusive)

I have yet to open any of these and as such I am simply presenting front (above) and back (below) shots. They are: The Hunger Games (District 12 Futureshop Exclusive), Apollo 13 (JB HIFI Exclusive), The Fast & The Furious (JB HIFI Exclusive), Back to the Future (JB HIFI Exclusive), Jurassic Park (JB HIFI Exclusive) and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (JB HIFI Exclusive). 

Event Horizon (German Exclusive)

The Hunger Games (Futureshop Canada Exclusive)

Hanna (UK)

Knowing (Australia)

Metropolis (UK Unopened)

The Muppets (Futureshop Canada Metal Pack)

Resident Evil: Afterlife (JB HIFI Australia)

Sucker Punch (JB HIFI Australia)

Terminator Salvation (Greece)

So there you have it, my steelbook and metal packaging collection thus far!

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Atari said...

I will pay you for that Jurassic Park JB exclusive.