Friday, July 15, 2011

Eat My Shorts: Panic Attack (2009)

Ataque de pánico! (Panic Attack) (2009)
Directed by: Fede Alvarez
Starring: Diego Garrido & Pedro Luque
Running Time: 4 Minutes 49 Seconds
Country: Uruguay

So... fresh off the news that Evil Dead is getting a remake (why?), the first time director in charge, Fede Alvarez. has re-upped his short film Panic Attack to YouTube. Basically his story is one very similar to Neill Blomkamp and District 9. That is, make a cool little short, get picked up by Hollywood and make a movie, only in Alvarez's case he isn't making a full length feature of his short.

Panic Attack focuses on a robotic monster attack on a city and relies very heavily on special effects to do just that. Given how good the effects are, it is not surprising to see someone from Hollywood sit up and take notice. (in this case Sam Raimi) The short plays more like you have walked in at the end of a feature than as a stand alone piece, which isn't necessarily bad, it would just have been nice to have maybe a little more background, but on the whole it is a fairly well polished piece and certainly an entertaining 5 minutes!

You can watch it in full below:

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