Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eat My Shorts: Cupcake - A Zombie Lesbian Musical (2009)

Cupcake - A Zombie Lesbian Musical (2009)
Directed by: Rebecca Thomson
Starring: Anna Kidd and Rose Mastroianni
Running Time: 17 Minutes
Country: Australia

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Tasmanian premiere of Raw Nerve, a national production initiative to provide new filmmakers the opportunity to get their short films into production. I was invited by Rebecca Thomson who was premiering her new film Slashed. Matt and I had previously interviewed Rebecca on our radio show regrading the release of her film Cupcake. Arriving home after the screening last night (and an awesome screening it was too), I went to read my review of Cupcake, only to find I had not written one. So let me take this opportunity to do so.

A Zombie plague is sweeping the Nation, but for two neighbors in a quiet suburban street, Zombies are the least of their troubles. Next door, a pair of lesbians have moved in, and whilst the flesh eating living dead may be troublesome it certainly isn't as bad as the lesbians public displays of affection. Of course it doesn't take long for that affection to become infection, when one of the lesbians is attacked and bitten by the local postie!

Cupcake is a great addition to Aussie genre shorts, and whilst Zombies aren't new to audiences, I dare say few of you have seen them singing in a chorus line!! The production values are high, given the low budget, the acting is good with some solid performances by the leading ladies, and the music is spot on! The original songs written for the film are great, although may not be suitable to be sung in public (see the video below). With Cupcake and now her new film Slashed, I truly believe Rebecca is a talent worth keeping your eyes on!!

Cupcake is sure to have something for everyone, be it your enjoyment of flesh eating zombies or maybe some hot lesbian action... it's all there for the taking and all very entertaining!

You can pick up a copy of Cupcake on DVD from the official website and I highly recommend you do, but to get a little taste of what to expect, enjoy this musical number from the film!

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