Sunday, November 7, 2010

Episode 57 - Original vs Remake: Round 2

This weeks episode revisits the old argument about remakes versus their original! We chat about the challenges (Clash of the Titans and Cat People), as well as some of the latest remakes like Let Me In and Piranha!

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Gabi said...

The only dissaponting effect the Kraken? I disagree strongly and felt the remake was noteably stronger and balanced the action and purposefully chessy humour moreso then the original. I also had no issue with Medusa and much preffered how she changed into an ugly creature once she looked upon someone. But each to there own. However you hate the directors/final cut of Blade Runner, and prefer the theatrical cut. I'm not sure what to make of that, plus Alien 3's assembly cute was a significant improvment over the theatrical presentation. Sadly we can only imagine how good an Alieen film by Fincher without extensive interference could be. :(

However, the fact that you judge a film (The Tourist) before you have seen it removes alot of your credibilty, as you state the original is much better. How on earth could you possibly know that, a trailer is not the film. Excuse my remarks if you have managed to somehow see it at a sneak peek screening or the like.

As for Let Me In, you honestly have to give it another chance, as on repeat viewings I noticed the diofferences where mainly in the details and that is what made it a worthy film on it's own. That bieng said I am biased as bost films are amongst my favourites (though I agree Let The Right One In is the superior film). However is Let Me In really a remake, as it's source was the book and the screenplay of the film (which was by the author of the book). It's more of another film simply based on the same source material (for the most part).

Anamnesis said...

Thanks for the comment Gabi! The great thing I love about our show is the amount of movies Matt and I disagree on!! Glad to see we aren't the only ones. I felt the remake of Clash of the Titans was a great example of why you don't remake films if all you are going to do is present flashy CGI version. In other words, I kind of hated it. That is not to say the original is by any means a fantastic film without flaws, but given the option, I would watch the original over the remake any day (which is generally true for most films)

As for The Tourist, I wasn't judging the film, I was judging the trailer and the motives behind the making of the film. I will still see it with an open mind as I did with Let Me In - which I was very vocally opposed to on this blog based on its trailer! Yet I still really liked it, you can read my review here:

As for whether it is a remake, I think there are far too many similarities in tone and look to the original film for it to claim that it is a re-visioning of the source (book / screenplay). There simply aren't enough changes. (and the book has plenty they could have added that was omitted from the original film)

As I say though, thanks for the comments! it is great to get some feedback and always a pleasure to hear alternate views. Watching movies leaves so much open to interpretation! Just listen to our latest show to hear why Matt prefers the Theatrical version of Blade Runner to the Final Cut!

Thanks for listening!!

Gabi said...

Spoilers for Let Me In below:

I agree in many ways, but having read the book, there is little change you could make to a film (in terms of tone), that wouldn't dystroy the books intent. Also similiarities are going to pop up as it was also based on the screenplay for let the right one in (which was also done by the author, I however do not know what was detailed in his screenplay [I can't read swedish :p]). I do agree that had the film deffrentiated itself a little more that it would probably be liked even more (as it wouldn't be judged against the original). For example the difference in how both films begin, hoe the caretaker goes about his 'business' or Owen looking at the jungle gym after Abby leaves.

On repeat viewings I fell that it is very different, however after just one it did fell very similiar. I guess all I can say is the differences seem to be in the minor details which result in major differences in the characters (especially towards the end with Owen). Most notable imho is how Owen reacts to hitting the bully, or after the blood kiss, and compare that with Oscars. The differences that you see in these scenes are already shown before these scenes.

In any case it is a great film, just not as great as Let The Right One In.

ps: I've never heard of someone liking the theatrical cut of blade runner more then the directors/final cut, hence why I was unsure what to say.