Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Bond to Bugs

Today I thought I would post a "2 for the Price of 1" deal. Seeing as both tracks to feature today are covers. First up is an out take from David Arnold's excellent James Bond Cover Album; Shaken & Stirred. The track in question is Bjork's interpretation of You Only Live Twice originally sung by Shirley Bassey, there are quite a number of covers for this particular Bond track, but I must admit I quite like this version - Take a listen here.

Next up we have Zoë Poledouris's cover of the David Bowie track Oxford Town. As featured in the movie Starship Troopers. This track took me forever to hunt down originally and I still don't think it is available commercially anywhere? It doesn't appear on either the original OST or the Bootleg Complete Scores that have appeared on the net over the years. Even the isolated score on the DVD has a commentary track that interupts this particular song.

Anyways I hope you enjoy listening.

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