Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ghost World: Enid's Private Collection DVD Set

Ghost World Enids' Private Collection


Region 2 - Japan

Size & Weight of set:
27cm(H) x 20cm (W) x 6cm(D) 500grams

Ghost World DVD
CD Single for Jaan Pehchaan Ho by Mohammed Rafi
4 Badges
2 Cloth Dolls
1 Sticker Sheet
1 Screenplay with Storyboards and artwork (Japanese text)



Nocchimochi said...

Hi! I was wondering where you got this item, I have the same set which I picked up "used" on a trip to Japan. The box had been opened but it's in near-mint condition. I've never seen it anywhere else and was curious as to what it might be worth, as I assume it's quite rare! Thanks!

Anamnesis said...

I picked my copy up in the UK when I was traveling a number of years back. I found a little import store that had all kinds of goodies, no idea how they got it. I totally agree with the lack of information concerning the release. I posted it to a number of forums and there was plenty of interest, but it just seemed impossible to find copies to buy anywhere. As to its worth, well I have had a number of offers to buy it from me, but as I had no intent to sell we never got as far as price negotiation. I suspect eBay or the like would be your best option to maximize your return.